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Ok, You've contacted DOTV and your happy with that decision. You have placed your reservation, what happens now?

I, Cathy, will keep you informed by email of all of moms progress. You will be notified as soon as your mom comes into heat. At that time I will have almost exact dates of when everything is to happen -- Including birth date, pick out dates and pick up dates.

I will send out birth announcements and at that time I will know exactly how many boys and girls I have. At this time, I'll know what colors I have and I will ask you to decide if you want a boy or a girl - not which boy or girl, just what sex you'd like so I know a little about extra puppies I may have to sell, if any.

After puppy is born you will receive periodic updates, including every Monday -- updated pictures of your puppy and a weekly document of what is going on their tiny lives. When puppies are 4 weeks, I will be sending out Puppy Warranty and a document with all common questions and directions to my home. By the time you pick up your puppy you will be given all the information that there is to be had. You can check out price and what's included page for information about your puppy pick up packet.  

Puppy Pick Out -- When puppies are 5 weeks old you may come to pick out your puppy in the order deposit checks were rec'd. This is why it's important to get your deposit in early. Regarding pick outs. Most the time we can talk and through pictures and you and I talking, we can decide which puppy is best for you, thus saving you a trip. I am with your puppy, 24/7. I know these puppies much better than you can in the short time you are here. If you do decide to come and pick I must ask that no more than two people come. Choose one person to make final decision. I advise against bringing young children. Inevitably, they will not decide on the same puppy and one leaves crying. Save the children for pick up. At that time your puppy is vaccinated. I have to be very careful of any disease coming in. I know you can understand this and I so thank you for that.

Puppies are picked up for your forever homes when they are about 7 1/2 weeks old. State requires puppy pick up should be at 7 weeks. This date is very important. Make time for this new family member. As soon as I give you this date, mark your calendar. Plan vacations accordingly. If this date does not work I can only keep your puppy for just a few extra days - at an extra charge. It's not fair to the puppy to be left here alone with no other siblings or their new family. They need to begin training and you loving them. If your pick up date is a problem you will have to move to the next litter.

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