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I'm going to give you the best puppy possible. Now it's up to you to train yourself or have puppy professionally trained. By doing so this puppy will be a loved and cherished family member for many years to come. I highly recommend puppy classes in your area. Start young. The time you spend now is priceless when it comes to your relationship with your puppy. is a wonderful on-line course. Check them out on line. Even if you don't sign up for their course, there is a world of information on their website. Many helpful videos.

I've just had a wonderful experience with a great trainer in Kenosha, WI.  Barry Lawler, aka Dogtor Dog.  He is on facebook if you'd like to look.  Barry will take your puppy right at 8 weeks old for 2-3 weeks.  He'll teach all the basics.  Sit, Down, Shake, Stay, Rollover, Come.  Great start on house breaking and crate training.  What Barry is really strong on and this is more important than those things I just mentioned, is he teaches your puppy "respect for humans".  The puppy will know his space when he/she comes home.  Teaches puppy NO JUMPING ON HUMANS AND NO LICKING.  Teaches puppy to be very submissive to humans and teaches puppy to TRUST you.  

I just had my new upcoming stud, Clyde, with Barry.  He was there 17 days. 

I'm thrilled with the results.  Clyde has also been well socialized with people and lots of other dogs, both big and small.

The cost of this is $75/day which is very reasonable compared to a lot of in house "puppy boot camp" type programs I've heard of.   You must realize that you MUST keep up with the way he trains when you get your puppy home.  When you pick puppy up, he spends a great amount of time teaching YOU and your family what he has taught and how you can keep up with his training.

If this is something  you'd be interested in call Barry @ (262)515-4797.  

I want you to know, I get no kick back from this.  I know a lot of people are interested in this type of program so this is why I recommend Barry.


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