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I have many testimonials but I'm including these because each one comes from people in very different situations. Simply put: I do try my best at helping everyone with whatever their needs.

To Whom It May Concern, 

I am emailing as a professional reference for Cathy Meier, owner of Doodles of the Valley. Cathy has been a training client of mine for over a year, and has completed several levels of training with three of her dogs. They are all AKC Canine Good Citizens, her last dog passed when she was just a puppy! Her dogs have excellent temperaments and are a pleasure to work with. In addition to working with Cathy's dogs, I have had the pleasure of having several dog's Cathy bred in training classes(from puppies to adults), and they are shining examples of the breed, beautiful, healthy, outgoing, smart and biddable, several who are Canine Good Citizens and Therapy Dogs. I frequently recommend people to her when they are looking for Doodles, and feedback has always been positive. In my opinion, she is an ethical and responsible breeder and really cares about the quality of the dogs she produces.

Lynsie Bernier,

CPDT-KACertified Professional Dog Trainer



We have had our two goldendoodles for almost two months now. They are such sweet tempered dogs and so smart. Everyone we pass asks what kind of dogs they are and where we got them. I am more than happy to tell them that I got them from Doodles of the Valley in Butte des Mort Wisconsin and bred by Cathy Meier . Our home, once the home of three teen-aged girls is once again full of life. Up in Minnesota there is a three year old little boy just waiting to meet his puppies when he comes to visit Grandma and Grandpa's house. Both puppies are absolutely beautiful. Shy our boy is a very large and blocky white doodle with the nature of a teddy bear. Bright, our little girl is just that. She looks like she is aglow with golden light and her eyes dance with delight at every leaf she sees or bird in a tree she hears. I am so glad we chose to get them from Cathy, who unlike some other breeders I communicated with, welcomed every question I had and took personal joy in providing us with our guys.

E & G from Illinois

Subject: Doodles of the Valley - reference

After years of wanting a puppy, my husband finally agreed that we could add an addition to our household, so I started researching dogs and breeders. I knew fairly quickly that a Goldendoodle was the breed that fit best for us.

I found Doodles of the Valley on-line. I first contacted Cathy when she had one puppy left. I like that she pre-screened us, asking us questions to help determine if we were right for each other. I also asked a lot of questions and she encouraged me to do so, to ensure we felt as comfortable with her as she did with us.

When we went to meet Cathy and the puppy, I was very impressed! Her home had great energy and I instantly felt comfortable and knew right away, she was the breeder for us!

As hard as it was to not select that adorable little girl, my husband and I decided if we were going to go through this experience, we'd like to have first pick of a litter. Cathy mentioned that she would be breeding one of her Doodles in the near future, and we decided to put a deposit down 9 months before the puppies were born. :)

As I patiently waited for my puppy to arrive, Cathy would send periodic updates of how the mom was doing, and the day the puppies were born, I received pictures! It was so exciting to kept in the loop during the 9 month waiting period. (I still chuckle, thinking of how ironic it is I had to wait 9 months!)

We went to see the puppies and, since we knew we wanted a girl, Cathy separated the girls from the boys, to make it easier to select one. We were fairly certain we knew which one we wanted but asked if we could come back a week later and make our final decision. Cathy was completely agreeable to our coming back, so a week later, we brought a little collar and selected our puppy. We selected the smallest girl, and named her Cannoli.

From the time we selected her until the time we could bring her home, Cathy continue to send updates and pictures, so I could watch my little Cannoli grow! Finally the day came for us to pick her up! I was beside myself with excitement. Cathy had a "new puppy" kit, and a toy and a baby blanket all ready for us. (Cannoli still has her baby blanket in her kennel!) She encouraged us to keep in touch and that she would always be available to us if we had any questions.

Cannoli is now 2 years old and I still keep in touch with Cathy, sending her photos and updates. I could not have asked for a more positive and happy experience in dealing with her and Doodles of the Valley!

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Lisa K.

Here's Linda and Greg's experience

"re: our experience with her as a breeder.

 I have to say that I have had many dogs in my 60 plus years and buying a puppy from Cathy was the best experience I have ever had. She gives you much information re; health of her breeding pair, checks into who you are as a potential buyer of her pups; and follows through on everything she says she will do. She provides documentation from her vet on health and hips of the parents, and takes the pups in for several wellness visits. She handled the whole process with a caring heart for her puppies, and professionalism in her breeding program. The day we picked up our pup, we had already met her once to pick her out ( a totally enjoyable experience) . We took her home with confidence in her health and upbringing, and absolutely knew we could call or email Cathy at any time if we had questions. Our, now two year old , goldendoodle, Berry, has provided us with joy and fun. She is smart, healthy and Cathy loves to hear updates on her training accomplishments.

About a year after we got Berry, I wanted a puppy from a black doodle, Daisy, that we had seen at Cathy's when we picked up Berry. I placed a deposit with Cathy even though Daisy was not yet bred because I wanted first choice "whenever". When Daisy was of breeding age, Cathy had her hips xrayed and mild dysplasia was found. Instead of breeding Daisy as some might have done, Cathy took her out of her breeding program and thankfully for me, offered her to me (with full disclosure) as a spayed female. I have had dogs with dysplasia in the past and was not "afraid" so happily brought Daisy home. She is a wonderful addition to our family and a beautiful dog, but even so, Cathy is very responsible and would not use her for breeding as some might have done. She even sent her to me with a years supply of joint medication. And yes, she refunded my deposit, she just wanted Daisy to have a good home. Daisy is happy and very healthy (we live on a farm and the mild exercise she gets keeps her fit and will prolong her pain free years).

In short, we absolutely love both our doodles and would and have recommend Doodles of the Valley to anyone.

Thank you, Linda and Glen H.

Hartford, WI."

Cathy Meier

P>O> Box 403

Butte des Morts, WI 54927

Dear Cathy,

I just wanted to thank you very much for breeding and taking such good care of Gretchen

and her litter, including, of course, my shining star, Brenna Jolie. She is such a

personable, energetic, loving, and adorable little girl! I do love her already, even though

she is presenting some challenges!

I have taken her to high school, where she met several teachers, office personnel, and one

group of Special Education kids. She enjoyed all the people and the experience of about

20 minutes in the main office, and even entertained them by slipping out of her harness!

A few of the kids were surprised that her little teeth were so sharp, but they all enjoyed

her in return. One of the teachers was quite interested in getting a puppy, so I'll give her

one of your cards when I sub there again. I believe that Gretchen may have a second

litter in the fall. (Brenna was so calm riding in her car seat to Appleton & back!)

I certainly have no qualms about giving you a good recommendation of you knowledge

and care of puppies in your home to anyone I know who wants a Class A puppy!

Brenna got clean bill of health from my vet when she was exactly 11 weeks old (3/25/14.

She also impressed the vets, vet techs, and receptionists there, and enjoyed the whole

environment! She likes people and has gotten along well with dogs -- even adapting well

to the loud full-grown boxer (1 year old) next door, as long as a fence separates them. 

I wasn't sure whether or not you wanted a copy of the work done by my vet, but I have

enclosed a copy. Please note that she received her second shot of parvovirus, plus some distemper shots. NO worms! (Thanks).

Best of luck to you and God's blessings.


Craig Bergendorf


I have a new computer (switched to a Mac) so everything new I do is painful. That is why I have put off sending you pictures. Also because I have taken a lot of bad ones, no one in this house ever wants to sit still!

I can't tell you how much I adore this dog. Her name is Peach (no one likes that but me, but it fits her and works well to say). I think she is extraordinary. She is incredibly calm for a 14 week old (we have been going to puppy socialization, so I have seen a good spectrum of 14 week olds). She learns incredibly quickly. She watches me. She thinks. I think she is going to be fabulous. And she gets along terrifically with my 2 year old goldendoodle, who is clearly very pleased with her. Even the cats are tolerant (although I don't know why).

So far her only bad habit is that she likes to dig. I can think of many worse, but I have some new holes in my yard. The only other bad thing is I get stopped constantly by people I don't know who want to know what kind of dog she is. I'm thinking of wearing a sign.

Last vet visit she was 19 lbs, that was 8 days ago.

House breaking is going fine, she hasn't pooped in the house almost from the beginning. Peeing she has the idea, pretty much, but not always. The only problem is that I can no longer confine her, she has learned to go over all my baby gates, so we are mostly going outside a lot. I tried tethering her, but neither of us liked it very much.

I think you did something very right. She is a great, great dog. I will try to keep you updated better.


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