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Medium and Standard

Multi-gen Australian Labradoodles (ALD's) --

Gretchen (retired), Cedar, Kali, Millie and Ollie are Australian Labradoodles, also known as ALD's. These are amazing medium sized dogs, developed for a no-shed, hypoallergenic Therapy Dog. To learn more about ALD's and how they were developed and how they came here, CLICK HERE. These are not simply a lab bred to a poodle, nor do they have anything to do with an Australian Shepherd. They are not a herding dog.

ALD's were bred over 30 years ago In Australia, hence the term Australian Labradoodle. I want to repeat there is no Australian Shepherd in this breed. They are not a herding dog.

I often breed my Labradoodles with my Goldendoodles. As I've stated, I breed for temperament first. If I have a pair I just love I know they will have fabulous babies. This makes sense to me and I hope to you too!

These "Double Doodles" are also called "the next logical hybrid" dog. Labs and Goldens have been purposely bred together for decades - (called the North American Retiever) . I've been extremely happy with all my Double Doodle puppies. People are now coming to me especially for my "Double Doodles". I'm finding it's mixing up the gene pool even more and restoring the hybrid vigor that we all want in our doodles. Also, like all my doodles they are sweet, loving, smart dogs. Easy to train and great family dogs. Hypo-allergenic and non-shedding. And, again, like all my dogs, parents are fully health tested, giving you the healthiest puppy possible.

They are just plain adorable, lovable, family pets!

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