Doodles of the Valley -
Updated MAY 17, 2019-

Drum Roll Please -- 
September and Christmas puppies being planned.  See Below
Taking reservations now for Lola, Millie and Cedar.

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All my parents are fully health tested against any genetic diseases common to their breed.  Hips, elbows and patellas are all approved.  Eyes are examined and approved for breeding with a certified canine ophthalmologist.  All puppies are hypo allergenic and as non-shedding as a dog can be.

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Puppies are picked up for your forever homes when they are about 7 1/2 weeks old. (That is the Friday after they turn 7 weeks).  The State requires puppy pick up should be at 7 weeks.  This date is very important.  Make time for this new family member.  Those with reservations will get this date as soon as breeding has occurred.  
As soon as I give you this date, mark your calendar.  Plan vacations accordingly.  If this date does not work and you can't work something out with a trainer or a friend or family member,  I can only keep your puppy for just a few extra days.   It's not fair to the puppy to be left here alone with no other siblings or their new family.  They need to begin training and to be loved by you.  If your pick up date is a problem you will have to move to the next litter.
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Onyx is a beautiful black standard Goldendoodle girl.  She's so appropriately named with her shiny black coat.  She's as sweet as she is pretty.  Onyx and Finn (also a Goldendoodle) will expect their sweet puppies May 23.  They will be ready for your home July 19.  Mark your calendars and watch your emails for May 23 and especially July 19 when they will become part of your forever family.  They will have puppies that look like each one of them and a couple parti (2 color) puppies.  We'll see what Mother Nature gives us.  These puppies will mature at 45-55#.  

 I can not take anymore reservations for this litter.  Just went for x-ray today, 5/17.  She's having an unusually small litter this time.  There will be no extra puppies.  As soon as they are born I will know sexes and I will be in contact with people on her list.  They are due Tuesday or Wednesday.

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Lola and Harley will be honeymooning the end of May for puppies to be born end of July and ready for your home middle of September.  Lola is a beautiful standard goldendoodle girl weighing about 55#.  Harley is a fun loving Australian Labradoodle.  I love this mix and do it often and have been very pleased.  Harley is a bit smaller, weighing only 37#.  Puppies should mature somewhere in between these weights.  Below is picture of Lola's past litter.  I expect these puppies to be quite similar.  I may get some full parti (apricot and white) puppies in this litter and some of the puppies will be pretty curly for those of you that love that look.   

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Millie and Harley are both Australian Labradoodles.  They are both 37# . I expect puppies to mature about that same size.  Their pups have beautiful wavy puppies.  No extreme curly puppies from Millie.  These pups should be bred end of June and born early August.  I expect pups to go home about September 19.  Reservations are being taken now. I expect all colors in this litter.  So much Fun!  Below is a pic of past puppies of Millie's.  That's what I mean by "all colors".

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Cedar and Finn will be bred the end of August.  Cedar is a Australian Labradoodle and Finn is a Goldendoodle.  Just like Millie's, they both weigh about 35-37# and I expect puppies to be about the same. This litter will also have beautiful wavy coats and of course, like all my puppies, hypo-allergenic and no-shed.  No extreme curly puppies in this litter. 
Puppies to be bred the end of August, born end of October and going to your home just a little before Christmas. 

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So, that's it!  That's the rest of my breeding plans for 2019.  I'm emailing Mother Nature to let her know now, as to make sure she gets it right.  
All Doodles at Doodles of the Valley have been fully health tested, including eyes, hips, elbows and patellas.  Coats have been dna tested to make sure we get that wonderful shaggy coat we all want in a doodle.  A few pups will be slightly curlier for those wanting that.  All pups are hypo allergenic.  All pups have a 2 year health warranty against any genetic disease, including hips and elbow problems.
$200 deposit will hold you a puppy. 
Balance to be paid at time of pick up.
All puppies for 2019 are $1900.  Check our the "pricing and what's included" page to see what's included in that pricing.

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Regarding Reservations:  How many do I take?  How I take reservations?
I take 6 reservations per litter -- two for "I must have a female", two for "I must have a male" and two for "I will take either, male or female".  I definitely do not want to disappoint people on the reservation list and this almost always assures that those with their reservations in (whether your #1 or #6) can count on getting the puppy they had their hearts set on.   Note that if I do not have the sex or color you had wished for, your deposit can be moved to another litter or refunded - your choice.
I may have more than 6 puppies per litter. If you missed the reservation list, I will post a date for you to mark on your calendar.  This date is a couple days after pups are born.  At that time I know exactly what I have to offer.  Contact me ASAP at that time to then reserve your puppy and get your deposit in.