Doodles of the Valley -

Doodle of the Valley's very own Ollie is fully health tested and available to approved breeding programs.  He's a very special boy and I'm absolutely in love with him.  He's big and blocky and has the most adorable laid back temperament available in a labradoodle.  His pictures do not do him justice.  Can you tell?  I'm in love!

He's born and raised here.  Gretchen from Meadow Park Labradoodles, Indiana is his mother.  His grandparents on his mother's side are Bella and Beethoven, also from Meadow Park.  This is a fabulous Therapy Dog line.  His father is Auggie Doggie (ALAA #028299) from AKAS Doodles and Poodles in Caledonia, IL.

Ollie has a very soft curly, non-shedding coat.
He is 60# and 23" tall - unusual when it comes to ALD's.
Cerf tested:  Good
Hips and elbows good per Spring Harbor Reproductive Center in Madison, WI.
70% PENNHIP Score  (Health testing documents available upon request).

He's Color Code: BbEE* -black/white parti, carries for brown and throws beautiful chocolate and chocolate and white parti puppies.  (Please note that Ollie does not carry cream.  He will never throw you a cream or any shade of cream puppy.)
He's IC clear!

This is a past litter of Ollie's when bred to a parti factored, solid cream ALD that carries brown.  So much fun.

If interested in using Ollie, please contact me as soon as your girl comes into season so tentative plans can be made.  Sometimes, he gets "busy" and I want us both to be able to plan accordingly.  I do require brucellosis and progesterone testing prior to breeding on approved females - brucellosis test not necessary on maiden bitches.

Stud fee:  $1500

*If you do not understand color genetics and would like to guestimate colors you will get with your girl when you use Ollie, I can help.  I love color genetics - contact me!
When you contact me I will ask your girls color genetics, so if you don't know, test.  It's easy.