Doodles of the Valley -

Medium and Standard
Multi-gen Australian Labradoodles  (ALD's) --

Gretchen, Maggie Mae and Ollie are Australian Labradoodles, also known as ALD's.  These are amazing medium sized dogs, developed for a no-shed, hypoallergenic Therapy Dog.  To learn more about ALD's and how they were developed and how they came here, CLICK HERE.  These are not simply a lab bred to a poodle, nor do they have anything to do with an Australian Shepherd.  They are not a herding dog.

Maggie and Ollie will be bred again in spring, 2017 with puppies ready for your home June of 2017.  This will be Maggie's last litter.  She'll retire and live out her life with Lisa and Dave.  She has a wonderful home.
  I am taking reservations for that litter.

 Oliver - "Ollie" 
(Mulit-gen ALD- 63#)

Maggie Mae is 30 lbs. and about 17" -- Health testing complete and OFA hips and elbows both good and eyes CERF cleared - good too.  Maggie will be bred to  OLLIE.

Ollie is my wonderful new black and white parti stud.    He has been bred here.  His mom is my wonderful Gretchen from Meadowpark Farms in Indiana  and dad is Auggie Doggie from akasdoodles and poodles in Illinois.
Ollie is available to approved breeding programs.  Click here for more info.