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Below is a blank copy of my health warranty. Please read over and if you have any problems with this or wish to modify in any way, please contact me prior to placing your reservation. This is a standard 2-year health warranty. Take note of the section in green below regarding oral flea and tick recommendations. Believe me, I only have the welfare of your puppy in mind regarding this.

Puppy has had his/her first wellness checkup by Dr. Rosenbaum, (Wellness Veterinary Clinic, Neenah, WI on ______.I, Cathy Meier, vaccinated _____. Label of what was given is attached here. Please take to your vet at their vet check as close to ______ as possible. At this time puppy will be due for his/her second set of vaccines. Then when puppy is 16 weeks, puppy will be due for his/her third set of vaccines and rabies. I advise having puppy microchipped at this time.Your puppy has also been wormed with Safeguard (fenbendazole) (______, _______ and _______ (Three days each). Take in a fecal at the time of first vet exam just to make sure some of those sneaky worms haven’t reappeared.


Seller: Cathy Meier, Doodles of the Valley, (920)379-9969                        8485 Sauby Road, Larsen, WI 54947

Birth Date____________

Dam: Doodle of the Valley’s __________________

Sire: _________________ ___________________

Purchase Price: $_______. $200 down payment has been paid.

Balance of $________ paid at time of pickup.

Conditions of Sale --

Seller, Cathy Meier, guarantees that this puppy and entire litter was born on ______. All pups were raised in the care and custody of Cathy Meier until date of sale of puppy to Buyer. (Date shown on last page of this document.). Seller guarantees that at the time of sale, puppy is in good health to the Seller’s awareness. As stated, puppy has been wormed three times, has rec’d first set of vaccinations and vet checked healthy. (Dates of vaccines and vet check in yellow above.) 

Breeder has done everything she can to give you the healthiest and happiest puppy possible, including clearing puppy of all common inherited diseases of a Poodle, Labradore Retriever and Golden Retriever. This includes hip testing and eye certification. Puppy is warrantied for two (2) years from date of birth against any serious life altering genetic disease, including diagnosed hip dysplasia. Exclusions are issues that are beyond Breeders control once puppy has left her home and is in Purchaser’s care. Example of this is behavior issues (lack of proper training) and/or auto-immune disease or complications of auto-immune disease, which neither can be proven to be genetic and is beyond Breeders control. In the event of a life altering genetic disease, Breeder will either replace the dog, or refund the Purchaser up to the cost paid for the dog for medical treatment (Breeder’s choice). Purchaser will be able to keep the dog (Purchaser’s choice). Purchaser must be able to provide Breeder with up to date veterinary and treatment records. Breeder reserves the right to review all medical/treatment records with a licensed veterinarian of Breeder’s choice, at Breeder’s expense.

Puppy is sold as pet quality. Purchaser agrees to have puppy spayed/neutered by the age of 1 year. In the event puppy is not spayed/neutered by 1 year, all warranties of this contract are void. In the event Purchaser breeds puppy, Purchaser owes Seller 3 x’s the purchase price of the puppy which is the average rate for breeding rights on any dog. Please initial here, that you have read and understand the above spay/neuter agreement: ___________

Seller is not liable to the Purchaser or to any Third Party for any consequential, incidental, or damages resulting from or in any manner related to the dog. Upon execution of this contract all veterinary care and its associated costs are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Purchaser. Purchaser agrees to have puppy examined by a Practicing Licensed Veterinarian within 4 weeks of first round of vaccinations. At this time puppies second round of vaccinations will be due. Proof of this examination w/dates must be provided to Seller in the event of any warranty claims thereafter.


Purchaser agrees to maintain puppy in good health and provide routine preventative care of the life of this dog. This includes, but not limited to, Vaccinations, Internal and External Parasites, Flea and Tick* preventative as needed.

*Please take special note regarding Flea and Tick Products. DO NOT give any oral flea and tick products, such as Nexguard. Your vet will recommend – say NO Thank you! These are not proven. Please read article regarding these products in your puppy packet. If oral flea and tick products are used, this warranty is null and void. Use natural products first. If you must use at all, use topical products applied to skin such as Frontline. Alzoo and Vet’s Best are good natural alternatives and can be ordered on Amazon.

Vet records must be made available to Seller in the event of any life threatening problems to be covered by this warranty. For your own information, please read info included in your folder regarding over vaccinating and the new recommendations for vaccinating. Please make an informed decision regarding all vaccinations.

Many health problems arise because of overweight dogs, including heart disease and hip problems. Buyer agrees to exercise puppy/dog on a regular basis and to keep him/her at a healthy weight for this breed as recommended by Vet.

Purchaser agrees to feed puppy premium recommended dog food – “three star or above”. Purchaser can visit with any questions about any brand of dog food on the market today.

Purchaser agrees to groom and maintain dog’s coat. If any preventative care has not been provided, the health warranty will be void.


Both Purchaser and Seller agree that this Agreement represents the entire Agreement between them and that no other representations have been made regarding the puppy described herein.

Seller’s signature: _______________________________________,

Date: ______________________

Buyer’s signature: ______________________________________, Date: ______________________

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