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YOUR PUPPY –From birth until you take him/her home and then what? 
Your newborn puppy is raised in our homes.  Cathy keeps them in her sunroom and Ellie keeps them in her family room. They become very socialized and very used to all noises, i.e. TV’s, pots and pans clanking, vacuum cleaning, husbands snoring., children running in and out and the sound of other cats/dogs running around the house. 
Their play areas are kept very clean, making it easier to housebreak your new puppy.  Puppies that are used to being kept clean do not want to soil their homes.  We wash all blankets and carpet pads with a mild bleach solution every morning and pick up after them many times each day. 
Mom feeds them until about 4 wks and are slowly and gradually switched to a top quality puppy chow and goat milk.  They will be eating only puppy chow when you take them home and we will include a bag of that in your “new puppy kit”.   
Going home – 8 wks – All puppies dew claws have been removed, they’ve been checked out by our vet, they’ve been wormed and given their first set of shots.  Now you’ve got that puppy home.  We will be there for you.  Any questions, please call.  We will support you for the life of your puppy and always look forward to hearing from you.
In summary, we’ll try our best to make the transition from mom to your home the easiest and most pleasurable that we can.  Go to the contact page and call or email us anytime.