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Updated:  6/22/15

                     ASTI SPUMANTI AND LOUIE

NEWS -----
Asti and Louie have honeymooned this weekend and puppies are due about August 22.  They will be ready for your home
October 17.  For those of you with reservations,


Asti Spumanti is as the name implies --  white, bubbly and sweeter than Champagne.  King Louie is just that.  He's the proven father to all of our wonderful big, fluffy, blocky english cream doodles.  He has proven himself time and time again.  Everyone loves Louie.

Asti and Louie produce very low - no shed puppies.  I've had no allergy issues in the past with these puppies.  Temperament from this double bred english cream combination is truly fantastic.  These are standard doodles and usually mature to be 60-80 lbs.

Asti/Louie puppies are $1200

All reservations for this litter are taken.  Watch website in the event of more puppies than expected.   I will have spring 2016 puppies with "Lia".  Her puppies will be very similar.  She also comes from the wonderful English bloodlines.  She looks and acts exactly like Asti. 
Contact me if interested in Lia's litter
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Maggie Mae (multi-gen Australian Labradoodle) will be bred to my stud, Oliver. 

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