Doodles of the Valley -
Updated July 17, 2018 
Please note:  If you've told me "the downpayment check is in the mail" and it's been a week and you haven't heard from me, click here to contact me.  I'm waiting for quite a few like this and I cannot hold a place in line without a downpayment. If you've changed your mind, let me know that also.  I'm sure you understand.

ALL 2018 LITTER ANNOUNCMENTS - Puppies ready for your forever home in October and early November
Reservations being taken now

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I finally know who will be having puppies this fall and when.  All parents have been fully health tested, including hips, elbows and patellas.  Coats have been dna tested to make sure we get that wonderful shaggy coat we all want in a doodle.  A few pups will be slightly curlier for those wanting that.  All pups are hypo allergenic.  All pups have a 2 year health warranty against any genetic disease, including hips and elbow problems.
$200 deposit will hold you a puppy.  Balance to be paid at time of pick up.
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 Millie and Guinness have been bred and their pups will mature at 30-35#.  Their pups will be solid black, solid brown, black/white like Millie or brown/white.  There will be no cream or red pups in this litter.   Puppies are due August 16 and ready for your home the weekend of October 6.   I can take a couple more reservations for Millie puppies.  $1900
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Kali and Guinness have been bred also.  Their pups will mature about 30#.  I expect brown/white, solid brown, maybe a cream/apricot or a black puppy.  Mother Nature is going to decide this one.  Puppies are expected August 18 and will be available for your home the weekend of October 6.  (If pups are born late, they will be available the next weekend).I can not take any more reservations for this litter.  Watch the website on August 18 to see if we have extra puppies.  FYI, I usually do have a couple extra puppies.      $1900

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I have decided to add Gracie/Harley puppies to the fall line up.  Gracie has honeymooned and all went well.  These are my smallest puppies.  Puppies will be shades of cream/apricot in either solid or some white markings on them. Gracie weighs just 20# and Harley is about 25#.  Puppies are due about September 5 and ready for their forever homes October 27.  I have just announced this litter and I can take 2-3 more reservations for these pups.  She’s a small dog and doesn’t have big litters.  $1900
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A special note for those of you on Onyx's wait list.  Mother Nature has finally kicked in!  Check out the dates below to make sure all is good for you and your family.

Onyx has finally come into heat.  She’s my beautiful standard girl and has honeymooned with my sweet boy, Finn.  All went well.  Onyx is 50# and Finn is 30#.  I expect puppies to mature in between that. Usually the majority of them are closer to the size of mom.   I expect Black, brown and cream puppies.  Some of them “parti”.  (Meaning black/white, brown/white or cream/white).  These puppies are due September 12 and be ready for their homes first weekend of November.  I can not take any more reservations for this litter.  Watch the website on September 12 to see if we have extra puppies.  FYI, I usually do have a couple extra puppies.  $1700

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Contact me with any questions or concerns or to get in a down payment for one of these wonderful puppies.
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Regarding Reservations:  How many do I take?  How I take reservations?
I take 6 reservations per litter -- two for "I must have a female", two for "I must have a male" and two for "I will take either, male or female".  I definitely do not want to disappoint people on the reservation list and this almost always assures that those with their reservations in (whether your #1 or #6) can count on getting the puppy they had their hearts set on.   Note that if I do not have the sex or color you had wished for, your deposit can be moved to another litter or refunded - your choice.
I may have more than 6 puppies per litter. If you missed the reservation list, I will post a date for you to mark on your calendar.  This date is a couple days after pups are born.  At that time I know exactly what I have to offer.  Contact me ASAP at that time to then reserve your puppy and get your deposit in.