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Updated:  6/27/16

$200 deposit will hold your puppy from any of the litters below.  Pls note that, to be fair to all, order of pick of litters are based on the date on the post mark on the deposit checks or the date you hand me the deposit check in person.

If you are interested in reserving puppies from my 2017 litters, contact me  Don't hesitate.  Litters are usually reserved about 4-5 months before they are even bred.  Any of the following litters are repeat litters because of how nice they were the first time. Therefore, I can pretty well predict what is to come.  Looking forward to talking soon.

Note date changes on both Emma and Gretchen's litters.  Puppies will be ready sooner than planned.

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Gretchen and Auggie were together again!
This is my best Therapy Dog line!


After a short break, Gretchen and Auggie (Australian Labradoodles) have honeymooned and pregnancy has been confirmed with an ultrasound.  Puppies will be ready for your home early September 14-17.  Those with reservations, mark your calendars!    These puppies are well known for both their great temperament and their wonderful no-shed coats. This is my strongest Therapy Dog line. They are just plain adorable.  Size is 45-60#.  They are all parti's, both black and white and brown and white. I cannot take anymore reservations for this litter.  If you have missed out on this reservations list, I am already reserving puppies for spring of 2017.  I can take 4-5 more reservations for that spring 2017 litter.  This will be their last litter.  Gretchen will retire and live a long happy life here at Doodles of the Valley!

Gretchen's puppies are $1800.

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Emma and Dutch will have goldendoodle puppies on July 23rd .  Emma's pregnancy has been confirmed with an ultrasound and puppies will be  ready for your home early September 10-11.
Those with reservations, mark your calendars!
They will have solid creams, solid blacks and
black and white parti puppies. 
I cannot take any more reservations for this litter.  This is Emma's last litter.  She will retire and live a long happy home with
Jim and Sherry in Larsen, WI.
If you do not have your reservation in, you may still get a puppy!  Mark your calendar for July 23rd and watch the website.  I will announce any extra puppies at that time.  Contact me ASAP after that to reserve available "extra" puppies that Mother Nature may give us.
Emma's puppies are $1500. 

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Both Lia and Asti will be bred to King Louie again!  We love these pups.  Reservations being taken now.  Scroll down for more information.


Both Lia and Asti (english cream, standard goldendoodles) will be bred to King Louie from Goldendoodles by Ellie, Larsen, WI.  These puppies will be available winter of 2017.  If Mother Nature is good to us, Lia's will be ready to go home at Christmas 2016. Asti's will go home end of February.
These are standard, laid back, double bred english cream puppies.  All are white-cream color with thick non-shed coats.  Just beautiful dogs that Doodles of the Valley is famous for. 
Many go on to be Therapy Dogs and Service Dogs.

Lia/Louie and Asti/Louie puppies are $1500

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*Regarding Reservations:  How many do I take?  How I take reservations?
I take 6 reservations per litter -- two for "I must have a female", two for "I must have a male" and two for "I will take either, male or female".  I definitely do not want to disappoint people on the reservation list and this almost always assures that those with their reservations in (whether your #1 or #6) can count on getting the puppy they had their hearts set on.   Note that if I do not have the sex or color you had wished for, your deposit can be moved to another litter or refunded - your choice.
I may have more than 6 puppies per litter. If you missed the reservation list, I will post a date for you to mark on your calendar.  This date is a couple days after pups are born.  At that time I know exactly what I have to offer.  Contact me ASAP at that time to then reserve your puppy and get your deposit in.