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Updated:  8/30/15

$200 deposit will hold your puppy from any of the litters below

                     ASTI SPUMANTI AND LOUIE

NEWS -----
Asti and Louie have had their puppies 
They will be ready for your home October 11-16. 
For those of you with reservations,


Asti Spumanti is as the name implies --  white, bubbly and sweeter than Champagne.  King Louie is just that.  He's the proven father to all of our wonderful big, fluffy, blocky english cream doodles.  He has proven himself time and time again.  Everyone loves Louie.

Asti and Louie produce very low - no shed puppies.  I've had no allergy issues in the past with these puppies.  Temperament from this double bred english cream combination is truly fantastic.  These are standard doodles and usually mature to be 60-80 lbs.

I have two puppies available at this time.  Contact me asap if interested in one of these adorable puppies -- 920-582-9694
This will be one of thesepuppies.

Or if October is not a good time to get a puppy, continue reading to reserve your puppy from the following litters available winter/spring.

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Maggie Mae and Ollie are honeymooning this week (8/24/15).  Puppies will be solid black or solid brown in color.  There will be no "parti" colored puppies in this litter.  Maggie came in season a little early and her puppies will be born about October 29th and
be ready for your home ON CHRISTMAS.

I can take only one more reservation for this litter if you are not sex specific.  I can only take your reservation if girl/boy, doesn't matter.
Remember these are pets, temperament and personality is very similar.
There will be more puppies then reservations.
Mark your calendar for October 1 and check to see what extra puppies Mother Nature has given us.

Maggie Mae

Maggie Mae (multi-gen Australian Labradoodle) will be bred to my stud, Oliver.
Maggie is a beautiful chocolate 30# ALD.  She has beautiful silver tips on her coat - sometimes referred to as "parchment".

"Ollie", also an ALD, is from my breeding of Gretchen and Auggie Doggie.  He's perfect in every way.  I am absolutely thrilled with Ollie.  He will be the father to many beautiful, amazing doodles in this litter and
many litters in the future.

Maggies ALD puppies are $1600

Read more about this upcoming litter of
Maggie Mae x Ollie by clicking here

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Emma and Dutch will honeymoon late October for puppies ready for your home late February.  This will be their second litter.  Pictures of last litter are shown below.  I expect solid blacks, solid creams and black and white parti puppies in this litter.
I'm just announcing this litter so reserve early.  

Emma and Dutch puppies are $1400

Regarding pick outs of this litter. I can take two more reservations in this litter!  Picks are made when puppies are 5 weeks old and It is important that you know that picks are made in the order of the date on the deposit checks!! Because of the variety expected in this litter and that I can't predict Mother Nature, I cannot make any exceptions to this. If you are definite as to boy vs. girl or cream vs. black for instance, you need to be early in picks to be sure.  You can contact me regarding peoples preferences before you, but they can change their mind.  Picks are made in the order of the date of the deposit checks.  Also remember, if I do not have the sex, or color in this litter you do have the option  to move to another litter or to a refund of your deposit.
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Lia and Louie will have spring puppies!

 I will have spring 2016 puppies with "Lia".
  Due to demand, she will be bred with Louie for another litter of big white fluffy English Cream pups.  She is a delightful standard English bred f1 goldendoodle so both mom and dad
come from the wonderful English bloodlines for the great laid back temperament.  She looks and acts exactly like my beautiful Asti. 
Contact me if interested in Lia's litter.

I can take one more reservations on her litter- cannot be sex specific.

Lias puppies are $1400