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Updated:  4/20/15


Emma/Dutch puppies are here!!!!!!
She did have a extra boy.  Call or email for availability.

EMMA (55#)
(She's a wonderful extremely laid back lady)


                                                                           EMMA (55#) x DUTCH (38#)   

Emma and Dutch have had their puppies and I'm trying to put picture on here of litter.  Having computer problems - sorry. 
Emma blessed us with an extra boy so, I do have one boy available.
Contact me for availability.
 He will priced at $1200. 
This will be a medium sized puppy.  Mom is about 55# and Dutch is #38#.  Dutch is a f1bb and mom is a f1, making this combo a great wavy to curly no-shed coat.  Great for all of you with allergies or just plain don't want dog hair all over the house.
  Puppy will be  ready for your home early June.
Contact me - I'll send you pictures.

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(Multi-generation Parti Australian Labradoodle)

Auggie Doggie (48#)
(Multigeneration Parti Australian Labradoodle
from AKA Doodles and Poodles)
ALAA #028229


Auggie Doggie and Gretchen have honeymooned and pregnancy has been confirmed by ultrasound with vet.
"A nice size litter" is what Dr. Randy said!  We love to hear that news. 
Gretchen's puppies are due the last week of April. 
This is a proven pair, my strongest Therapy Dog line. 
Temperament is amazing.  These pups are expected to be ready for your homes in June 2015 - Ready Father's Day I think.
  They will mature about 50#. 
A perfect mid-sized, non-shedding, smart, loving dog.  If your concerned about allergies, this litter will be perfect for your family.
I've taken all the downpayments I can.  If you are interested in a boy puppy, contact me NOW, so I can get you on the wait list.  Even if you are on the wait list, contact me so I know you are still interested.