Doodles of the Valley -

Updated:  4/17/17

Scroll down for available puppy news!  These dates are tentative and as girls come in season I will have more exact dates.

$200 deposit will hold your puppy from any of the litters below.  Pls note that, to be fair to all, order of pick of litters are based on the date on the post mark on the deposit checks or the date you hand me the deposit check in person.

If you are interested in reserving puppies from my 2017 litters, I have taken all the reservations I can, BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN I WON'T HAVE EXTRA PUPPIES.  Scroll to bottom of page and read how my reservations work.  A birth date is posted for every litter.  At which time you can check back for extra puppies.  There are almost always extra puppies on each litter.

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Maggie x Ollie -

Maggie and Ollie will also have their last litter this spring. Maggie and Ollie have honeymooned and all went perfectly.  Puppies due about April 27 and ready for forever homes June 17.  This is a perfect time to get a puppy!

I cannot take any more reservations for this litter.  Check back on April 27 for any "extra" puppies Mother Nature may give us.
Maggies puppies mature between 35-45#.  They will be solid brown or solid black.  I will not get any Parti (two color) puppies in this litter.
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Lia x Finn


****Breeders: Finn is NOT avail. for stud!
                                                               Please Don't Ask.  Thank you.

Lia (60# goldendoodle) )is a very fun dog.  She's very inquisitive and just loves to run and play.  Shes had two beautiful litters of puppies and we're looking forward to another in July of 2017.

Finn is Doodles of the Valley's newest boy.  He's a small 35# goldendoodle with a soft non-shed coat. Puppies will mature about 40-50#.  They will be shades of apricot - some white like her and some darker like him and some in between.  Mother Nature decides that.  
Lia and Finn have honeymooned  and pregnancy has been confirmed by ultrasound. 
Puppies due May 18. 
Puppies ready for your home July 7.  

Puppies due May 18.   I cannot take anymore reservations for this litter.  Watch the website on May 18 to see if there are any extra puppies.

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Onyx x Ollie =


Onyx - Beautiful young lady with, english bloodlines, 50# black goldendoodle. Onyx is a stunning girl.  Pictures never do justice to a black dog.  Lighting is so hard to get right.  Just a sweet note from her guardian mom when I asked her to describe Onyx -- 
"If she was in a classroom of third graders, she would be the little girl with the pink backpack with hearts and unicorns all over it, pink pencils with sparkles, and Pretty Ponies lined up perfectly on her desktop...."
Ha!  I love that.  Thank you Chris.
Anyway, Onyx will be bred to my Ollie from Doodles of the Valley. 
I expect solid blacks and browns and black/white and brown/white in this litter. (No cream puppies)   Puppies will mature at 50-60#. 

Onyx and Ollie have honeymooned and all went perfect.   This puts puppies due about June 2.  Going to forever homes  July 22.  Mark your calendars if you are on this list.  If your interested in one of Onyx's puppies and you've missed the list, mark your calendar for June 2 so see if I have extra puppies.

These will be a combination of labradoodle/english goldendoodle.  This is a  wonderful combination of Goldendoodles and Labradoodles - Double Doodles.  Just like the North American Retriever (combination of a Labrador Retriever and a Golden Retriever) which has been bred and loved for years, these pups are the best of both worlds.  In addition to being smart and easy to train, laid back - it mixes up that gene pool even more, assuring that "hybrid vigor" we all want in our Doodles.  And as with all my doodles, no-shed.  This makes so much sense.

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Millie x Ollie


Millie is a wonderful Australian Labradoodle who came to me from Tualatin Labradoodles in Portland, OR. I flew all the way there to get her and she was just so worth every mile.   Millie will take over for Gretchen in my program, We realize she's got big shoes to fill but we know she can do it.  If you've met any of Gretchen's puppies Millie's will be just as nice. She's 40# of fluff with an amazing fun loving temperament.  She'll be bred this spring to my Ollie (Gretchen's son- with the same amazing temperament.) for wonderful wavy, cuddly Australian Labradoodles.
These puppies are tentatively planned to be born early July and ready for you home about early September. 

I cannot take any more reservations for this litter.  As soon as she does come in season, which should be soon, I will post a date to check back and see if there are any extra puppies.
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Gracie x Archie

Gracie (Just 22#) is my most adorable smallest goldendoodle here at Doodles of the Valley.  She lives with Lisa and Dave and Maggie Mae and Rigsby - a three doodle family.  Proof that you can't have just one.  She's my only mini-doodle.  She will be bred mid May and puppies will be ready end of August/early September.
Archie is a sweet 29# Doodle from Akas Doodles and Poodles in Caledonia, IL.  Thank you, Amy, for the use of this sweet boy. Puppies will be cream (like Archie) or cream/white parti's (like Gracie)
I'm very excited for these tiny little bundles of joy.

Note:  I don't expect very many puppies from these smaller girls.  I cannot take any more reservations for this litter but watch for any extra puppies she may have.  Gracie is expected to be in season the first week of May. 

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As always, all parents are health tested and puppies come with a 2-year genetic health guarantee. 

Contact me with any questions or concerns or to get in a down payment for one of these wonderful puppies.
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Regarding Reservations:  How many do I take?  How I take reservations?
I take 6 reservations per litter -- two for "I must have a female", two for "I must have a male" and two for "I will take either, male or female".  I definitely do not want to disappoint people on the reservation list and this almost always assures that those with their reservations in (whether your #1 or #6) can count on getting the puppy they had their hearts set on.   Note that if I do not have the sex or color you had wished for, your deposit can be moved to another litter or refunded - your choice.
I may have more than 6 puppies per litter. If you missed the reservation list, I will post a date for you to mark on your calendar.  This date is a couple days after pups are born.  At that time I know exactly what I have to offer.  Contact me ASAP at that time to then reserve your puppy and get your deposit in.