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Make sure to scroll all the way down this page for all the exciting puppy news!!!!  At the bottom is a tesimonial from Craig who is enjoying his puppy from Gretchen and Auggie's first litter.
More testimonials, click here.
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Updated 8/20/14 -Scroll down to see update about my upcoming Mini Multi-gen Australian Labradoodles or click here
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Gretchen and Auggie Doggie have honeymooned and the pregnancy has been confirmed by ultrasound.
Puppies will be born Sept. 2.   Loved their winter puppies!  Read on for more...

Note:  I have taken all the reservations for Gretchen/Auggie Doggie's pups  that I can at this point.  But, I almost always have a couple more puppies than I pre-reserve.  If you are interested, bookmark this site, mark your calendar for about Aug. 26th or so and send me a message to be put on a wait list!  At that time I will accept a wait list and when pups are born I will notify people, in the order that I've received your request, of any extra puppies.  When pups are born and I contact you, you'll have 24 hours to get back to me as to whether you'd like a puppy or not or I will move on to the next family on the list.  In the meantime, don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have or just to talk "doodles". 

Gretchen is my Black and White Multi-generation parti colored Australian Labradoodle.  This girl was very carefully selected from a long line of Therapy Dogs, bred especially for this work, thus making her temperament exceptional.  Her hips and elbows have been certified "good" from the Orthopedic Foundation of America (OFA).  She just flew through the Canine Good Citizen class (CGC) and passed with flying colors.  After much consideration I've chosen Auggie Doggie (registered ALAA #028229) to be the proud father.  He's amazingly like her and their puppies are just as amazing.  Gretchen and Auggie weigh about 50#. I waited four years for these litters of puppies and their first litter did prove to be everything I had wished for.  The puppies available will be dark chocolate/white and black/white with a curly fleece coat that is both  non-shedding and hypo-allergenic.  If your family has allergy problems or you just want a fun-loving, playful dog for your family, these are the puppies for you.
Check other breeders, make sure adults are both health tested and their pups have a reasonable genetic warranty, check that they are home raised, and finally, check their prices on multi-generation Australian Labradoodles and wonderful calm goldendoodles.  Make sure you are comparing "apples to apples" while you check this out.  Gretchen's puppies are $1500.  A $200 deposit will hold your pick of a puppy. 

Included in the price of a puppy is 8 weeks of total devoted care to your puppy, puppy packet, including training book, large bag of food to get started, toy, blanket that has been with them as they grew up.  Special collar and leash from Doodles of the Valley.
All puppies will have their first round of vaccinations, wormed as appropriate for age, dew claws removed, vet check just prior to leaving and have a full 2-year warranty against any genetic diseases.
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 MINI-AUSTRALIAN LABRADOODLES due Halloween  and ready for yr home on Christmas. Timing is so so perfect! --  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

Maggie Mae (27#)                                  Beau (26#)

To read more about Australian Labradoodles and how they came to be -- 

Here's a U-tube video of a very pleased new parti puppy mom -- check it out

Testimonial from Craig who is enjoying Brenna, his puppy from Gretchen. 

"Cathy Meier 
P>O> Box 403 
Butte des Morts, WI   54927 

Dear Cathy, 
I just wanted to thank you very much for breeding and taking such good care of Gretchen
and her litter, including, of course, my shining star, Brenna Jolie.  She is such a 
personable, energetic, loving, and adorable little girl!  I do love her already, even though 
she is presenting some challenges! 

I have taken her to high school, where she met several teachers, office personnel, and one
group of Special Education kids.  She enjoyed all the people and the experience of about 
20 minutes in the main office, and even entertained them by slipping out of her harness!
A few of the kids were surprised that her little teeth were so sharp, but they all enjoyed 
her in return.  One of the teachers was quite interested in getting a puppy, so I'll give her 
one of your cards when I sub there again.  I believe that Gretchen may have a second
litter in the fall.   (Brenna was so calm riding in her car seat to Appleton & back!)

I certainly have no qualms about giving you a good recommendation of you knowledge
and care of puppies in your home to anyone I know who wants a Class A puppy!

Brenna got clean bill of health from my vet when she was exactly 11 weeks old (3/25/14.
She also impressed the vets, vet techs, and receptionists there, and enjoyed the whole
environment!  She likes people and has gotten along well with dogs -- even adapting well
to the loud full-grown boxer (1 year old) next door, as long as a fence separates them. 

I wasn't sure whether or not you wanted a copy of the work done by my vet, but I have 
enclosed a copy.  Please note that she received her second shot of parvovirus, plus some distemper shots.  NO worms! (Thanks). 

Best of luck to you and God's blessings. 

Craig Bergendorf"