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Just a little about me:  I'm Cathy, a retired empty-nest mom.  My children both live in Colorado.  My husband travels for business and is gone a lot.  I have no other part  time jobs or grandchildren, or nieces or nephews or really any other responsibilities that would take me away from raising YOUR wonderful puppy.  I don't own dogs to "run a business". They don't live in a kennel. They are members of my family. I share my life with them and they are my furry little "children". I give my dogs the best care socially, medically, nutritionally, and, in turn, they reward me with all the joys of unconditional love only a beloved dog can give.

I have two doodle moms that live with me.  Fergie (retired) f1 goldendoodle, Gretchen, my newest parti Australian Labradoodle, and I have Ollie, my upcoming ALD parti boy that will be father to many of my future Australian Labradoodles,  pending testing, in fall of 2015.

Because I'm limited to space and because I want all my dogs to get the attention and time they so deserve, I do have dogs in "guardian homes".  These homes take great care of Emma (white f1 goldendoodle) and of Maggie Mae (mini Australian Labradoodle).  This enables all dogs to be part of a family, never using a kennel.  Both Emma and Maggie will be with these families for their entire life, long after their breeding career is over.
 Here's the Pentek family going home with their new puppy.  They were so-so happy.
This is why we raise these wonderful pets.
Goldendoodle puppies in WI
 Here's Louie . Click here to learn more about him.

Cathy has trained both, Fergie and Lucy (retired) and Gretchen (AL) in agility and service, including both of them having their Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog Int’l certifications.  Click Paws for Reading, TDI page on this website. 
I utilize the English Cream Retriever in my breeding program.  Breeding this cross produced a stockier, broader headed dog with unique wavy low mat, low shed coat.  I also now have introduced the Multi-generation Australian Labradoodle.  Both the English Goldendoodle and the Australian Labradoodle produce great service and family dogs. 

I feel both Goldendoodles and Australian Labradoodles, with their low-to-no shed coats and their wonderful temperaments, are the best dog available for family pets.  We believe in making these affordable to the average family.  Click:  Pricing